Have You Packed Your Travel Insurance?

Travelling is always an important & crucial part of our life. Travelling across the world is a dream and to actually live it is risky. There is a risk of getting physically hurt, theft, misplacing luggage or getting sick. Travel insurance provides financial security when a person travels within or outside Canada. It also becomes important for people who frequently travel outside Canada for business trips.

All the Benefits a Travel Insurance Offers

There are various plans which are available; a traveler can choose insurance plans according to his/her needs and requirements. Travel Insurance plans come in many packages like for single trips, multiple trips or for a particular time period like for a year or so. The depth of coverage can vary depending on the package you choose and insurance provider.

  • Medical Expenses: The Canadian Health Insurance Company doesn’t cover medical expenses during travels outside Canada. So, travel insurance becomes a necessity if you want to cover your medical expenses while travelling outside Canada.
  • Coverage for pre-existing medical health conditions.
  • Coverage for loss of baggage, important documents like a boarding pass, passport etc., or any other stuff.
  • Insurance coverage against loss of life.
  • Now day’s coverage is also provided for COVID 19 i.e. if you get infected with COVID 19 while travelling.
  • Trip Cancellation or Delayed Charges: It also covers any extra expenses if a trip is cancelled or delayed.
  • Making any last-minute variations in a trip because of some personal reason is possible.
  • The mortal remains of the insured person will be sent to his/her family in case of death while travelling.

Coverage Options Available:

Extent of coverage and cost of the plan are directly related. Time of coverage is mostly for a year or up to 15 months.

There are different plans available with different coverage and they are:

  • Basic coverage you get under a travel insurance plan is for medical emergencies and coverage is up to $50,000,00. Medical coverage will include hospitalization, emergency evacuation by air if needed, emergency dental procedure up to a specific amount, tests for diagnosis and prescribed medicines.
  • There is a plan that can cover pre-existing medical conditions and even if you take regular medication for the same. Coverage will depend upon the severity of your health condition, your age and the duration of travel.
  • There is a non-medical coverage package that specifically covers loss or theft of baggage, any type of rescheduling or trip cancellation and death or severe injury because of an accident while travelling.
  • COVID-19 emergency has recently been added to the plan that covers infection just before journey or while travelling.
  • Additional coverage can be bought for adventures activities, rented vehicles or baggage related emergencies.

Some of the Checkpoints While Purchasing Travel Insurance

  • Check the coverage amount.
  • Read all the policies and documents carefully.
  • Check whether the insurance company provides coverage in the country where are you travelling?
  • To check whether the company provides upfront payment of medical expenses or not.
  • Your pre-existing medical health conditions are covered or not.
  • Your travel insurance plan can be extended or not if you stay longer.
  • Time period of your travel insurance plan.
  • Check and compare rates of the similar plans from a different provider.
  • Above 60 you have to fill a small health related questionnaire only for calculating insurance premium.
  • Questionnaire will not have any role if your application gets rejected.

If you are planning a trip in near future, be it within Canada or a different country, Contact Us for customized and affordable travel insurance plans.