Is Having Drug & Dental Insurance Necessary?

The government offered health insurance plans in Canada provide you coverage for severe illnesses and hospitalization expenses. However,these plans provide no coverage for regular health care expenses and expenses related to not so critical medical emergencies.

The Individual Health and Dental Insurance plan by the Government of Canada provides necessary health coverage to help manage many basic health care expenses.

There are various health and dental insurance plans available to choose from with different insurance providers depending on your coverage requirement. It bridges the coverage gap in your personal health insurance plan and provides health expense coverage for your day-to-day medical expenses like prescription drugs, emergency medical services, dental care, vision care, hearing aid, orthotics, home care or long-term care.

Other not so critical medical expenses that can be covered under your individual health and dental plan are:

  • Any extended health care that includes registered specialists and therapists like massage therapists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and psychologists,
  • Catastrophic drug coverage,
  • In case of any requirement for medical equipment to assist with your mobility
  • Any emergency medical travel care,
  • Semi-private or private hospital expenses and hospital cash
  • Accidental death & dismemberment expenses can also be covered.

Who Should Opt for a Health and Dental Insurance plan?

Many Canadians have started to realize that there is not sufficient coverage provided under the provincial and territorial health insurance plans. Also, many plans that they are covered under may possibly not provide any coverage if their life scenarios were subject to change.

Thus, a health and dental insurance plan is considered to be most ideal to buy for people who:

  • Have retired or are ready to retire and your group health benefits are ending soon.
  • Have recently changed your employment .
  • Are self-employed or a contract worker.
  • Are not covered under any group insurance plan.
  • Are small business owners.
  • Are not completely protected by the private health insurance plan and want to save money on the ongoing or unexpected medical costs that are not covered by the territorial medical service plan.

Eligibility Criteria to get Health and Dental Insurance in Canada

To purchase a personal health and dental insurance plan in Canada, there are 3 must-have criteria to fulfill.

1. One must be a citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.

2. One must be between the age band of 18 to 69 years.

3. One must be covered at least once under the provincial or territorial health insurance plans.

What are the Benefits of Having Health & Dental Insurance in Canada?

Your individual health and dental plan brings you various added benefits beyond the coverage provided by your provincial or territorial health insurance plans.

  • Get coverage for additional small healthcare expenses of daily life that are generally paid out of pocket.
  • Customize your own health and dental plan by deciding with optional coverages you want in addition to your existing health insurance plan.
  • You can have a joint family coverage plan that includes your spouse and dependent children under the age of 21.
  • You cannot purchase insurance for anyone else, even your parents, but you can still pay the premium on their behalf if you wish to.

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