Why Student Insurance?

Canada has a strong education system and has globally recognised education institutions. Premium quality education and highly advanced teaching methods attracts 50,000+ students from across the world. For foreign students lifestyle and climatic conditions are not easy to adjust to. This makes them more exposed to health related emergencies.  

There are government health plans that provide coverage to Canadian citizens and permanent residents against any type of health emergency but it does not cover international students. If they fall sick and need to consult a doctor then they have to pay for consultation fees. It is too much of a burden to bear with educational expenses. Student Insurance provides coverage for health related expenses for international students. In Canada, having student insurance is mandatory for international students.     

Who Needs Student Insurance?

Foreign students came to Canada specifically to get an education but have to purchase student insurance before entering the country. In Canada, each province has its own health insurance plan and coverage, therefore, the type of plan will depend on which Canadian province you are going to study. You must go through the provincial health insurance plan offered by the respective province. Like if you are going to study in any Canadian province except Ontario or Yukon, you get insured under a provincial insurance program for international students. For Ontario or Yukon, you have to either get enrolled in University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) or go for private student insurance.

Student insurance is developed keeping in mind needs and requirements of a foreign student. Each student comes from different social, environmental and cultural backgrounds. Each has their own health-specific needs. The insurance makes sure to meet these requirements.  


You can apply for student Insurance if

  • You are going to pursue a full-time education course from an affiliated Canadian institute.
  • Non resident and not covered under any government insurance plans.
  • If you have to extend your stay and work in the area of your study.
  • Want coverage for your family member or spouse.

Do Canadian Students Need Student Insurance?

No. If you are a Canadian then you must be covered under the government health insurance plan. However if you are going to another province or travelling out of Canada for your education then you have to get Travel Insurance. You have to choose coverage accordingly.  

Coverage under Student Insurance

  • Any type of health related emergency.
  • Ambulance facility in case of emergency, hospitalization cost and medication cost.
  • Maximum coverage you can get s $5,000,000.
  • Treatment needed for any type of disease.
  • Prescribed medication is covered.
  • Emergency dental services are covered to an extent.
  • Vision care services including cost of glasses and earring aid.
  • Coverage will be valid in case you travel outside Canada depending upon the time period you stayed in Canada.
  • Accidental death benefit is there.
  • Any type of disability or severe injury is covered.
  • Charges for consultation with physician are covered.
  • Charges of health check-up.
  • Additional therapy needed for recovery like physiotherapy or any other is covered.
  • Emergency air travel or transportation to the homeland is covered.
  • Pre-existing health conditions are covered but with some conditions.
  • Some plans provide coverage for travel of family members.

Student insurance reduces financial burden and premium is also affordable. There are different plans available and have option of deductibles as well. Your habits, medical history and coverage will impact the cost of your plan.   

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