All You Need to Know about Super Visa Insurance

Are you a Canadian resident having a family residing overseas? Do your parents and grandparents plan to visit you often but cant do so due to health problems, no visa, or not wanting to carry any financial burden along for you? 

The Government of Canada has issued a special visa in 2011 for the parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents but have their families living in different countries, to ensure they can visit their children living in Canada anytime they wish to with becoming a financial burden on them in case of any medical emergency 

Super Visa also known as Parents and Grand Parents Super Visa allows your parents or grandparents to stay with you for a time period of 2 years at a stretch. This super visa has a validity of 10 years allowing multiple visits with each visit having a stay permit of not more than 2 years. Your parents or grandparents will neither have to reapply for a visa nor pay any additional fees to visit you for the next 10 years after having been issued a Super Visa from the government. 

However, to be eligible for a Super Visa, the government of Canada has made it mandatory to first own a Super Visa Insurance. 

What is Super Visa Insurance?

To be eligible for a super visa, your parents and grandparents need to have medical insurance for a minimum of one year from the date of their visit, which needs to be from a Canadian insurance provider. This is one of the mandatory criteria to be eligible for a super visa, as the government wishes to ensure the health of your loved ones is taken care of and that there is a necessary coverage for them to avoid any financial burden on you in case of any emergency.  

Like any insurance plan of Canada, the cost of Super Visa Insurance also depends on age and pre-existing medical conditions. The insurance needs to be purchased by you for your visitor and you can choose to pay the entire cost of insurance over a period of one year before the policy expires.

The proof of the same needs to be submitted to apply for a Super Visa along with other necessary criteria mentioned below.

  • Proof of insurance purchase for your visitor from a Canadian insurance provider.
  • A minimum coverage of $100,000 on the medical insurance of each visitor is required covering hospitalization, reparation, and any medical care.
  • The validity of insurance should be of minimum 1 year from the date of visit to Canada.
  • You need to submit the appropriate proof of relationship with your visitor.
  • A letter of invitation to visit you in Canada must be sent to your visitors.

The requirements to apply for a super visa are different from the above-mentioned requirements to buy super visa insurance. Purchasing super visa insurance is only one of the criteria to ensure there is appropriate medical coverage for your visitor. 

However, having medical insurance for your visitors has various benefits in case of any illness or medical emergency that would lead to hospitalization. Also, the insurance providers can help in the immediate issuance of claims or reimburse the client in case they pay the hospital. It not only covers you for emergency medical situations but also provides coverage for health-related expenses like dental care, diagnostics and prescribed medical bills during an emergency, and also medical evacuation/emergency return home.  

Super Visa Insurance is one of the crucial insurance plans for your parents and grandparents. It not only provides financial coverage for their medical needs but also impacts the issue of Super Visa to your visitor. In case the super visa is not issued to your visitor, you are eligible for a complete refund on your insurance purchase.  

The critical management of such insurance plans is best handled by an insurance agent who can guide you through the pros and cons and help you get the best of all benefits from your plans. Get in touch Get in touch with Hiren Modi today to get a Super Visa Insurance for your visitors.